Who is Morley Cooper and Cooper Pacific

Morley Cooper is the founder and CEO of Cooper Pacific. In 1994, after a spirited conversation with some colleagues, Cooper Pacific was born. In Morley’s own words, read how this successful Victoria mortgage lending company came to be.

After graduating from the University of Manitoba, I started my career in the mortgage industry at the mortgage and real estate investment division of a large, US-based life insurance company with operations in Canada.

Eight years later I joined an Edmonton-based economic and real estate consulting company as Vice President of the real estate consulting division. Several years after this, I established the Alberta operation for a Vancouver-based mortgage banking company. I spent eight years as Vice President with this company funding large mortgage loans on all types of properties for major developers and investors through major institutional lenders.

In 1980, I moved to Victoria with my family and established my own mortgage company brokering mortgage loans for developers on Vancouver Island. These loans were all placed with institutional investors such as life companies, pension funds, banks, trust companies and credit unions.

Cooper Pacific Mortgage was established in 1994. I was having lunch with Ron Tidman, a client who had become a close personal friend. We came up with the idea of forming a mortgage lending company over our meal. Ron asked if he raised the money to capitalize the company would I run it. I said “yes”, we shook hands and that was the start of Cooper Pacific. Ron brought together a blue ribbon group of respected and knowledgeable businessmen who capitalized the new company, many of whom were clients. These principals are still directors of the company and continue to make significant ongoing contributions to the success of our company.

In more recent years, my focus has shifted from active management to overseeing operations. My son Cam, who has been at Cooper Pacific since inception, has stepped into day-to-day management with the very capable support of Senior Management. I have reduced hours spent in the office and may continue to do so. However, with the Cooper name there, I will always have a vested interest for the ongoing success and integrity of our company.

Today Cooper Pacific offers investors three different MIC funds that currently range in monthly and quarterly returns between 5% and 7%. We continue to operate under sound business practices with the same integrity, hard work, mutual respect and professionalism that started back in 1994 – with a simple handshake.

Our Testimonial
"Cooper Pacific….now there’s a ‘one stop shop’ for many investment needs. I ‘backed up the truck’ and took one of everything…. Corporate account, Personal account, RRSP, TFSA and a RIF. Great customer service and ‘like clockwork’ monthly distributions. I even like the negatives….NO fuss, NO fees, NO sleepless nights…..thanks for a great 10 years….looking forward to the next decade…." Peter B Vancouver, BC