What Kind Of Real Estate Investment Projects Make Up A Mortgage Pool?

The mark of a healthy mortgage pool is diversity and having the flexibility to re-invest in new projects as loans are paid back. With this in mind, things can be exciting and always evolving and changing. For investors, there may be some curiosity surrounding what kind of projects make up a fund, so we wanted to give you insight into what projects have been in the funds at Cooper Pacific recently.

Here are some of the real estate investment projects and properties that Cooper Pacific has in the funds to start 2023. 

1. Land loans

Land loans may not sound exciting, but they are essential to any pooled fund. We’ve spoken about this in a past post, so we won’t go into a lot of detail. Essentially, a land loan allows a Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) to lend a reasonable amount of money at a healthy interest rate to a developer. Because the amount is not contingent on the value of a future building, it’s more secure and backed by the value of the land. In addition, these smaller amounts are easier to re-invest quickly so that the money isn’t sitting looking for a project after the loan is paid back.

2. Townhome developments

Townhomes are growing in popularity in Victoria and Vancouver Island. With many retirees looking to downsize while remaining close to town, they’re the perfect solution. They’re also a more affordable means to get into the market for younger buyers, providing more privacy and independence than a condominium or apartment. We’ve invested in several townhome developments with trusted borrowers and developers over the years. 

Currently, we’re excited about a 26-town home development with Abstract. These homes will allow a variety of Victoria residents to live in the heart of it all with thoughtfully designed homes inspired by the beauty of the natural landscape. You can find this development on the McKenzie side slope of Christmas Hill, close to amazing walking trails and centrally located in the Greater Victoria region. 

3. Cool construction projects

It’s not all about land and high-density homes, sometimes, it’s about an exciting and unique construction project, and we have a few to highlight.

1731 Mayneview Terrace in North Saanich

This stunning home features so much natural light and quality craftsmanship. If you look up this address on Google, you will not see this stunning home as there has been a recent and massive renovation thanks to White Wolf Homes. It’s always a pleasure working with the team at White Wolf because we know they care for the families and individuals they are building for.

8822 Forest Park Drive in North Saanich

This stunning 4-bedroom ocean view home was built by Briggs Built Developments. A new build, this home is situated in an excellent neighbourhood. It’s a great example of the west-coast-inspired modern design that is very popular in British Columbia real estate development. The location and value of the home made it the perfect fit for our mortgage fund.

1518 and 1520 Pembroke Street in Victoria, BC

This corner lot was subdivided and developed recently by Windcrest Developments. Cam Hayward, the owner of Windcrest, has over 35 years of experience and understands the shifts that can happen in real estate as well as how different neighbourhoods in Victoria perform. This stunning neighbourhood has an excellent resale value, making this an exciting project and a good fit for our funds. 

For borrowers and developers

Are you a developer or a contractor looking for financing on a real estate investment project in Victoria? If some of these projects are similar to what you’re planning, this could be a great fit. Often developers and contractors will choose to work with us and develop a relationship over time, making it easier than dealing with larger financial institutions. As interest rates rise, large-scale financial institutions don’t have the competitive advantage they did. Borrowing private funding for your real estate development project could be the solution you’re looking for, thanks to faster turn-around times. Get in touch with our team today to see if working with Cooper Pacific for your borrowing needs is the right choice. 

For investors:

Are you interested in investing in mortgage pooled funds? As public markets experience more volatility and interest rates in “safe” funds such as GICs lose out against inflation rates, more investors are looking for alternative investment solutions. Mortgage pools are an excellent alternative investment as real estate tends to be more stable in the long run. To learn more, get in touch with Jordan on our team today.  

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